Reducing your breast cancer risk starts on your plate.
Adding these foods to your menu can lower your cancer risk.
Going to the doctor shouldn’t be a scary experience, but for many people — particularly those with a family history of breast cancer — it can be terrifying. According to the CDC, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis among women in the United States, with nearly a quarter-million women diagnosed each year.
While often thought to be solely a disease that affects women, more than 2,100 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the United States alone. Although advances in breast cancer gene identification have had a measurable impact on prevention of the disease, the often-prohibitive cost of these services has put them out of reach of particularly vulnerable populations.
Fortunately, there’s something that everyone can do to lower their risk. Research published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences reveals that iodine-rich foods may be able to alter some of the genetic mutations that can lead to breast cancer growth by suppressing estrogen production. If you’re eager to get healthier and lower your disease risk, start by adding the 40 Foods That Fight Inflammation to your diet and make the 25 Foods That Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk a priority in your meal plan!